What I Cherish about My Expecting Wife (Baby Bump Photos)

“In her spirit lies a humble confidence. In her eyes lies cautious excitement. In her heart lies an authentic love that seems to grow by the day, along side her womb. All this I cherish about her. All this, because of the miracle of what’s to come.” These are the words Dan shared when I asked him what he loves about his wife, Sarah, particularly during this time that she carries their third child. What beautiful words. What powerful sentiment.



There is something extra extraordinary about a pregnant woman. Their whole body speaks of a miracle of great love. It shares the mystery of womanhood, for, to be woman is to be a mother. This may be physically or spiritually, but it rings true for everywoman, just as every man is a father in some way. And what a gift it is to be given the role of motherhood or fatherhood. These are the moments that we grow more fully into who we are called to be because we learn to love better. Life truly is a miracle, and what a gift to be co-creators with our Lord.



Tell us, what are some beautiful things about being pregnant (Ladies or Gents.)!! Comment Below!



 Kate Capato is an adventurous creative who seeks all things beautiful. She often travels and serves in mission and now shares God’s love through her artistic creations of Sacred Art, Dance, and Photography. When she is not creating or traveling, Kate loves spending time with friends and family while drinking a good glass of wine and consuming extra dark chocolate. To see her work, visit her portfolio below and share in this mission of spreading truth and goodness.




Kate Capato

Kate is a Sacred Art Painter, Inspirational Speaker, and Faith-filled Movement artist on a mission to spread God's love through beauty! Her inspiration comes from prayerful encounters with the Lord, and the rich traditions of our Catholic faith. When she's not creating something faith inspired, Kate is often traveling all over the world with her hubby soaking in the wonders of God's creation, or spending time with family and friends to live every moment to the fullest. To see her work, visit her portfolio below and share in this mission of spreading truth and goodness.

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