When I Danced Ballet on the Mount of Olives (By Breanne Worcester)

The music played as I stood on the Mount of Olives, the warm breeze playing with my skirt, and the sun just beginning its decent over Jerusalem. A group of about 30 children from the orphanage sat attentively, taking in every movement of the dancers with looks of wonder on their faces, seemingly unaware of the breathtaking view behind them. I ran “onstage” (to the center of the large stone patio) as the tune of “Agnus Dei” rang out over the mountainside- “Holy Holy are You Lord God Almighty. Worthy is the Lamb…” My heart felt like it might explode with awe and gratefulness.



Though I was surrounded by people, I knew that this moment was a beautiful, intimate gift from my Abba Father to me. No one else knew the desires of my heart like He did. No one else could cause my heart to well up with such deep joy. It was here in Israel that God gave me a deeper revelation of just how real and personal He is.



Probably any bystander, in that moment, would have agreed that this was beautiful. Not many people could stand on the Mount of Olives, watching the sun set over Jerusalem, and not be moved. However, only God knew how much it meant to me to be able to stand here…and only He knew that the only thing that could make this moment even more sweet was dancing in it…and only He knew that the only thing that could make it even more meaningful was sharing it with children who desperately needed to know His love.




What does God show us through beautiful moments like this? Well here are three things that He showed me:


  • He showed me how near He is. God is such a loving Father who is intimately involved in every detail of our lives. He was there, in that moment, just like He always is- wanting to meet with me and remind me of His love.


  • He reminded me that He knows the desires of my heart. Just like in this moment on the Mount of Olives, there are so many times when God provides situations or blessings in my life that I never could have even dreamed of. At those times, I realize that He knows the desires that He has placed in my heart even better than I do.


  • I realized that the deepest peace comes when my eyes are fixed on His glory. It’s so easy to be distracted by the fears and uncertainties all around me. However, when I take a moment to refocus and let myself be overcome by the beauty of His glory, everything else fades away in the awareness of how mighty and good He is.


Have you ever been to the Mount of Olives? What did you do when you were there? Share about it in the comments!


Painting by Edward Lear





Breanne Worcester is a lover of Jesus who recently retired from dancing professionally. She enjoyed 10 years of using the art of ballet to share the love and light of Jesus around the world. Breanne currently teaches ballet to beginner-advanced students at Light of the World Ballet Studios in Syracuse, NY. She desires to see people develop and use their gifts and passions for the glory of the Lord.

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