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Kate Capato | Spreading the faiTh by Creating Classical catholic Sacred Art Paintings & inspirational Presentations rooted in tradition 



Maybe you were like me and thought stunning art that is seeped in the Catholic faith could only exist centuries ago, like in the Renaissance days. Well, the Holy Spirit is on the move and there is a new Renaissance happening right now! 

    IT'S TIME... 


counteract the lies in this culture

Be a Part of the new Renaissance 

You are here because you are someone that sees the deep value of beauty and not only want to surround yourself with it more but ache to share it with all those around you too. Because, lets face it, it's one of the transcendentals and it's key in reminding us all we were made for heaven and eternity with God. When I think about what I do, the best way to describe it is I am a Missionary of Divine Beauty. I create for Jesus, my first love, the One our hearts truly ache for. He has called me to share all the ways I have encountered Him, true beauty, and His Kingdom through art. To be on this journey with Him is a deep privilege and, with joy, I invite you in to help shake up this culture with me and bring back true Beauty EVERYWHERE.

the artist behind the work

Ciao! I''m Kate

In a world filled with noise, find stillness and hear the voice of God. He speaks to us, but we are often too busy or distracted to hear Him. We are anxious and unsettled, yet He calls us deeper. Will we follow? Through live Sacred Beauty events, Kate, along with her husband, Pawel, have answered God's call. They have said yes to the mission of spreading the Lord's love and truth by traveling around the world sharing their art, inviting others into the Father's stillness to hear His voice anew!  


Do You Feel The ache? to know and be known by the Lord

Bill Donaghy 

Kate Capato is a faith-filled apostle of beauty who shares the wonder of God's plan for life and love through her dance, her painting, her photography and through her very life. It's a privilege to know this young woman who is truly a part of the much needed New Renaissance of sacred art in the Church today.

"Truly a part of the much needed New Renaissance of sacred art in the Church today."

mary colleen

After meeting Kate and following how she creates sacred art, my husband and I commissioned a painting of Padre Pio to commemorate our wedding day and honeymoon (my family in Italy is very close to and directs the shrine at San Giovanni Rotondo). This was our first experience commissioning art and Kate made the process simple and seamless! We truly appreciated the time and prayer that she put into each step of the creative process because it resulted in a true and beautiful devotional that will be in our home for years to come.

"Kate made the process simple and seamless! We truly appreciated the time and prayer that she put into each step of the creative process."

Nora Logiudice

The Arise drawing draws me in with Christ's tenderness towards my heart and breathes life into me again and the Lily painting envelopes me every morning as I say my prayers - Mary is with me! Both of your artworks, that I now have hanging on my walls, just make me happy to look at because I know I am loved by Christ.

"Your artworks make me happy to look at because I know I am loved by Christ."

Alex  Commissioner 

Her pieces spoke to me as I scrolled through her feed, not just through the colors or the techniques in which she used, but the subject matter and the emotion in their faces. I had never commissioned a painting or any work of art before and I had never planned to, but within a half hour of seeing what Kate was able to create, I had already scribed an e-mail to her telling her that I was interested in talking with her.

"The subject matter and the emotion in the faces spoke to me."

imagine this, a-One-of-a=kind original painting loaded with the truths of our faith hanging on the wall of your sacred space. Those who look upon it can't help but feel God reaching out to their heart. For a moment, time stands still and peace falls upon the space in a whole new way. You can Make this a reality, by investing in a painting today. 

Sacred Art isn't just something that happened years ago

Classical High-Quality art that speaks to our current culture does exist! 

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Looking for helpful tips for your new art, like how to frame it and where it should go? Love diving deep into the theology behind beauty and aesthetics?

Want to know more about what inspires Kate to paint a specific image?

Through it, God also speaks. Different types of art impact different people and movement is yet another powerful way to share the joy of the faith. If you are interested in reaching more hearts in unique ways, Kate offers reverent and spirit-inspired choreography to help bring your retreats and other faith-filled events to the next level. 

We mustn't fear the body, for it reveals profound meaning found in the mysteries of our lives.

When Kate isn't painting or speaking, she is dancing! 

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