Budget-Friendly Ways to Commission a Sacred Artwork

Have you ever had an idea or vision on your heart…

for a holy image for your church, home, or community but felt discouraged by your budget? 

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be as rich as the Medici family who ruled Florence, Italy from 1434 to 1737 to commission a sacred artwork of your own. Sacred art is for everyone, and if the Lord wills it, anything is possible. Keep reading to learn how you too can commission a sacred artwork for your church, home, or school by using these 5 creative strategies.

1. Look for a Potential Donor! 

Your pastor may know folks who love art and may want to join you in this endeavor. If you feel called and have a vision that’s been on your heart, I highly recommend teaming up with donors who have the means to sponsor the creation of an original sacred artwork. Imagine a gorgeous painting of your parish’s patron saint or even an inspiring mural featuring young saints—like St. Maria Goretti, St. Therese of Lisieux, or Blessed Carlo Acutis—at your children’s Catholic school.

2. Ask Your Pastor About a Second Collection

If your pastor doesn’t have anyone in mind or if those potential donors aren’t interested, you could always talk with your pastor about possibly having a second collection or a fundraiser for the parishioners to all come together and raise money to bring more beauty into your parish. Specific groups—like the Women’s Group or the Knights of Columbus—at your parish may even want to make a sizable donation or even take ownership of running the fundraiser as an act of community service.

3. Consider Doing a Payment Plan

If you’re looking to commission a sacred artwork for your own home, consider talking with the artist about possibly doing a customized payment plan that works well for your financial situation. The artist will likely be happy to oblige to make this dream a reality for you and your family. Sacred art not only blesses the commissioner but also points their entire family, neighbors, friends, and all who enter their home to God.

4. Get Others Involved!

If the second collection or fundraiser doesn’t pan out, consider reaching out to a few other families that you’re close with about donating an original sacred artwork as a gift to your parish. Even just two to three other families pitching in will certainly lighten the load. You could also consider teaming up with fellow Bible study or book club members to make this vision a reality.

5. Make it a Class Gift

Mother’s Clubs and other parent-run groups at Catholic grade schools and high schools often give a gift to their schools at the end of each year. If you belong to one of these groups or have friends who do, consider proposing the idea of gifting an original sacred artwork or even a mural as the end-of-year gift. I was actually at an event at a local Catholic all-boys private high school, and one of the Brothers who teaches at the school was captivated by my original painting of the child Jesus woodworking alongside his 30-year-old father. He was so struck by how young St. Joseph appeared as St. Joseph is often depicted as an older man. Seeing its potential for inspiring the boys in his religion class, he decided to go for it! And he invested in it for his classroom.

Have a vision in mind and want to commission an original sacred artwork for your home, church, or community? Send me a message right here, and we’ll get the ball rolling. Still not sure about it? Check out these reviews and testimonies from others who decided to go for it and reaped the reward!

“After meeting Kate and following how she creates sacred art, my husband and I commissioned a painting of Padre Pio to commemorate our wedding day and honeymoon (my family in Italy is very close to and directs the shrine at San Giovanni Rotondo.) This was our first experience commissioning art and Kate made the process simple and seamless! We truly appreciated the time and prayer that she put into each step of the creative process because it resulted in a true and beautiful devotional that will be in our home for years to come. Thank you, Kate!!”

– Mary Colleen, Commissioner

“I knew what I wanted to say or show in the painting but had no idea of how to actually express it. It was as if God was the mediator between myself and Kate, allowing her to understand and interpret what I wanted through her art. I’ve never experienced something like it in my life.”

-Alex, Commissioner

Want to learn more about the process of commissioning a sacred artwork? Here’s everything you’ll need to know!

Kate Capato

Kate is a Sacred Art Painter, Inspirational Speaker, and Faith-filled Movement artist on a mission to spread God's love through beauty! Her inspiration comes from prayerful encounters with the Lord, and the rich traditions of our Catholic faith. When she's not creating something faith inspired, Kate is often traveling all over the world with her hubby soaking in the wonders of God's creation, or spending time with family and friends to live every moment to the fullest. To see her work, visit her portfolio below and share in this mission of spreading truth and goodness.

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